Sport Solar Oven

The Sport Solar Oven. Great For Food Storage and Everyday Use!

The Sport Solar Oven $179.00
( includes tax)

The Sport Solar Oven cooks a variety of great tasting food.
- Roast Meats
- Cooks Chicken
- Cooks Fish
- Steams Veggies
- Bakes Bread
- Bakes Cookies
- Bakes Cake
- Cooks Rice, Beans, and Lentils
- Cooks Pasta
The Sport Solar Oven is 10 pounds and comes with 2 cooking pots, thermometer, instruction book with recipes, and a WAPI (Water Pasteurization Indicator).
It is wind and weather resistance.

That is a great deal compared to the Sun Oven, which you pay more for and you have to buy everything seperate.

You do not need to use any electricity, propane, or fossil fuels to cook. It pasteurizes water for drinking - killing all harmful waterborne pathogens: bacteria, viruses, cysts, spores.
To place an order for your Solar Sport Oven email Rachael @ for details and an order form.
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